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Window Cleaning Services

Welcome to Window Cleaning Services where you’ll find information that can help you find a professional window cleaning company to meet your requirements. Whether you need a residential window cleaner to clean your home, or a commercial window cleaner who specialises in cleaning shops, offices, schools, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants or some other type of commercial establishment, you’ll certainly find the best companies listed here.

Window cleaning services

Choosing a window cleaner

Ok, so you need a window cleaner, but how do you choose the best window cleaning service in your area to suit your needs? Price may be your first consideration, but there are other things you should carefully consider when choosing a cleaner if you want to find the best one for the job. Remember, your window cleaner will be providing a regular service so it’s important that you choose one that is going to be reliable and trustworthy.

When comparing window cleaning services you may not only find the fees they charge are quite varied, but also the quality and the type of services they offer can vary too.

Many professional window cleaning companies have moved over to using the water fed pole system of cleaning windows. This system uses pure water to clean windows and is applied using a brush and telescopic pole. This is especially useful for reaching second floor and third floor windows. It also means more privacy for the customer, generally less disturbance, and safer cleaning for the window cleaner. No more climbing ladders in awkward places. The water fed pole system also has the advantage of reaching windows that are almost impossible to reach using ladders, such as windows above conservatories and very narrow places where ladders are impractical.

Companies using the WFP system also tend to include the cleaning of window frames at no extra charge.

Other things to consider when choosing a window cleaner…

How long have they been in business?
A window cleaning company that has just started in business may lack the experience required to provide first class consistent results. However, the business owner and/or staff may have worked in the window cleaning industry for a number of years, working for other firms, so you may want to ask about their background history to confirm this.

Have they been recommended?
A good recommendation from a reliable source is an important consideration when choosing a window cleaner.

Do they operate a professional service?
Are they uniformed? Do they use quality window cleaning equipment? Do they turn up in a battered old van or car, or do they run a modern vehicle clearly signwritten with business name and contact details?

Is the window cleaning company insured?
If so, ask them to show you their insurance certificate.

Are they safety conscious?
Do they use a water fed pole system for difficult to reach windows. Will they take care when entering the rear of your property or working around garden borders and lawns?

Will they be reliable?
Unless they have been recommended, only time will tell.

Need a window cleaner for commercial or domestic work?

If you’re seeking a professional window cleaning service we have listed some companies that we can recommend in our window cleaning services section. Each listing provides information about the services they offer and the areas they cover, plus their contact details and links to their website if you require further information.

Window cleaning supplies

We also list some of the best sources for window cleaning tools and equipment. Whether you’re a professional window cleaning company, or if you’re thinking about starting up your own window cleaning business, or even if you prefer to clean your own windows, then these suppliers will be able to supply you with some or all of your needs. Most of these suppliers have their own website from which you can order items online.

Window cleaning discount vouchers

Occasionally you may find offers for discounts on window cleaning. Most discounts are available at an introductory price for new customers. This can be an effective marketing ploy for window cleaners to find and add new customers to their round. Most of the window cleaners who do this use the new water fed pole systems and are usually prepared to travel further than your average local window cleaner who prefers to add new customers to their existing round in a specific area. Generally, ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and canvassing their customer’s neighbours is their favourite method of finding new customers. However, the internet and the proliferation of water fed pole cleaning using purified water has brought about new opportunities for window cleaning companies who wish to expand their business.

Quality Window Cleaners is a website that offers online customers the opportunity to find a window cleaner in their area and at the same time save money on their first window clean. QWC provide visitors downloadable window cleaning vouchers to customers who use members of their network of professional window cleaners who are located throughout the UK. These members have been selected for their professionalism and quality of work so you can be assured of receiving an excellent service.

* Discount vouchers are available subject to a regular clean only, and not as a ‘one-off’ clean.

Visit for further information.

Fascia, Soffit and Gutter cleaning services

Keeping your gutters clear and keeping your fascia, soffit and guttering cleaned on a regular basis can keep the rest of your property looking clean and fresh all year round. Annual cleaning of gutters fascia and soffits is a service provided by many window cleaners and we have list of some of those comnpanies who provide this service. See Gutter cleaning services

Types of window cleaning

Commercial & residential – traditional, water fed pole, rope access, suspended platform, cherry picker, automated mechanical systems

Quality Window Cleaners

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